How secure is your enterprise?

When it comes to securing your enterprise, understanding the threat landscape unique to your organization is essential when developing security solutions that can adapt to advanced threats and ever changing business demands. With rSolutions, our security professionals use data from your entire security ecosystem to improve your organization’s security posture, integrating cutting edge disruptive technologies, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.  

IT Security Consulting

IT Security Consulting

IT Security Solutions Integration

Solutions Integration

Managed IT Security

Managed IT Security

Social Engineering Threats

Phishing, Tailgating, Pretexting, Baiting and Quid Pro Quo are becoming more prevalent on the IT Security landscape. Our team can conduct testing against your people to assess any vulnerabilities. By identifying the gaps that pose threats to your organization, we can help you increase your overall IT security posture.


Our IT Security Experts Make All The Difference

When selecting a partner for your IT security needs, you need someone that understands business. Our experts understand the business first, then apply their knowledge in IT Security to help you protect your environment. Our commitment to continual learning means that when you hire rSolutions, you’ll be cared for by highly trained resources that will make your product implementation a success. Every step of the way, you’ll be informed of project status by a dedicated project manager, there to ensure communication is maintained throughout the project.

Industries We Serve In IT Security

Energy & Utilities

Energy and Utility companies have specific compliance requirements and operational nuances that set them apart from many other industries. Our professionals have served at various levels in the Energy and Utility sector; from Head of Security roles to operational support. Regardless of your specific need, we can help power your innovation, increasing business efficiency and security.


Financial Services

Working with Big 5 Canadian banks, insurance providers and credit unions, rSolutions has developed expertise in working in some of the world’s most highly secure environments. Our security clearances and compliance standards make hiring rSolutions a wise choice providing both business intelligence solutions and advanced security integration.



The security of healthcare information requires adherence to and deep understanding of personal information collection standards, as well as the technical expertise to apply that to modern security solutions. At rSolutions our experts work with the healthcare sector to increase their security posture, but also integrate intelligence solutions to ensure patient data remains secure form both internal and external threats.



rSolutions assists Tel-cos, ISPs, international broadcasters and many others in both increasing operational efficiency and security of their advanced communication systems and service delivery, both internally and externally. Downtime for these organizations is simply not an option. rSolutions has the technical expertise and industry experience to advance the business goals, safely and securely.


Your Trusted IT Security Advisors

Having the right expertise in business and technology is essential in responding to today’s ever changing complex security issues. What are the right strategic decisions that you need to make in order to protect your business? What are the technology solutions out there and how does that fit with your workflows? Our team of IT Security Architects and Security Engineers respond daily to many global IT security issues such as mobility, network security, application security, identity management, malware, etc. No matter if the changes to your current environment are large or small, we can provide security solutions to your IT security infrastructure that will make your security smarter and more effective.

IT Security