Why our professional services?

rSolutions helps businesses big and small with Splunk Enterprise Deployments, Enterprise Security Deployments and Splunk Upgrades. Each premium service package includes an in depth assessment of your current tech, a deployment plan tailored to your specific objectives, implementation assistance, software verification and staff training.

Expediency & Efficiency

Our Splunk team are leaders in this innovative breakthrough technology. With the highest certifications available for Splunk, rSolutions will assess your current infrastructure and plan how to implement your specific Splunk software solution. We will collaborate with your current staff every step of the way. Our superior service will ensure that your deployment goes smoothly and that you the most out of your investment.

Go from the early planning stages to an up and running infrastructure in weeks, not months. Shorten the time to value by leveraging employee knowledge transfer. Increase the return on your investment (ROI) through a custom configured environment to utilize all features and increase employee productivity.

Benefit from expert guidance and on-site assistance. We offer a service package for every size project and every size company.

Splunk Professional Services

Splunk Upgrade Services

Our Splunk Upgrade Service includes planning, deployment, and validation of the latest upgrades to your existing Splunk Enterprise environment. Our Splunk experts partner with your current IT staff in order to streamline the upgrade process and minimize any potential downtime to your systems. Aligning with Splunk best practices means that your freshly upgraded production environment will be scalable for continued growth.

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Splunk Upgrade Services

Splunk Enterprise Security Development

Our Splunk experts will analyze your organization’s security requirements and current security landscape to design a deployment plan tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs. We will collaborate with your IT workforce on every step from initial project planning through deployment and staff training. Expediting a nearly effortless implementation while optimizing for performance, giving your organization a faster time-to-value and a higher return on investment.

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Splunk Enterprise Security Deployment

Splunk Enterprise Deployment

Leverage our Splunk experts to support and expedite Splunk Enterprise deployment. We will work with you on infrastructure design, installation, app deployment, data collection and onboarding using best practices for framework implementation. With an expedited, expert guided deployment, we’ll have your IT staff up to speed on the latest that Splunk has to offer, improving performance and ensuring your production environment will be scalable for growth.

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Splunk Enterprise Deployment

SIEM Migration

Leverage our security experts real-world experience in Splunk and competing SIEM solutions to optimize your migration strategy. We will collaborate with your project team to design an efficient and effective deployment strategy then streamline the transition from your current SIEM solution to a Splunk Deployment based on the analysis of your needs assessment.

Splunk SIEM Migration

Splunk Technical Assessment

Our Splunk Technical Assessment service provides a client with an identification of issues related to performance and risks with their current Splunk environment, as well as knowledge transfer on how to improve your operating and administrative processes including on-boarding, operating and optimizing data volume consumption and bench-marking your Splunk instance.

Splunk Technical Assessment

This offering includes:

  • Discovery of current version, daily volume, main contacts, existing open support tickets, deployed applications, error logs and primary use cases
  • Architecture review of all Splunk instances, configuration, hardware and OS setting
  • Diagnostic of the application deployment
  • Data analysis looking at the full life-cycle of what is collected, indexed and searched
  • Optimization techniques for search and dashboards
  • Detailed report documenting the results of the assessment and recommendations to optimize performance