Log data is a second by second representation of your business or organization’s activity which is often an untapped resource when it comes to troubleshooting and supporting objectives within your business

What Can Log Management Do For Me?

Collect, store, index, search, correlate, visualize, analyze and report across your entire infrastructure with rSolutions’ enterprise ready, fully-integrated log management solution powered by Splunk. With our log management solution on your side you’ll Identify problems faster, be proactive and resolve issues before they affect your business or uptime. Consolidate and index any log: structured, unstructured, or complex multi-line application logs.

  • Index, search, and correlate all your data for a complete picture of what’s going on in your infrastructure.
  • Turn searches into real-time alerts and custom reports or dashboards in seconds.
  • Securely share operational data throughout your staff without providing credentials and critical system access.
  • Deployable in any infrastructure, including on-site servers, hybrid cloud, private cloud, and public cloud based installations.
  • Scalable from a single server to multiple global data centers.
Splunk Log Management

Bring Order To Chaos

View every log from network and endpoint security, malware analysis, configurations, sensor devices, change events and more. Search real-time and historical data in one, simple interface. Discover trends across your infrastructure and drill down to one device to resolve an unreported issue. Fully customize alerts and reports and our Splunk professionals will be there to help every step of the way.

  • Index Machine Data

    Our team can Index and store any machine data regardless of format or location. As Splunk implementation experts we can help you collect everything from your network and endpoint security logs, malware analysis information, configurations, sensor data, wire data from networks, change events, data from APIs and message queues and even multi-line logs from custom applications. With no predefined schema, our solutions can index data from virtually any source, format or location.

  • Search, Correlate and Investigate

    Use the same interface to search real time and historical data. Use familiar search commands to define, limit or widen your search, and correlate events across multiple data sources to reveal new insights. Correlate data based on time, external data, location, sub-searches or joins across multiple data sources. The search assistant offers type-ahead suggestions and contextual help so that you can leverage the full power of the Search Processing Language.

  • Drill Down Analysis

    Analyze all data by drilling down, across and back in time quickly using ad-hoc search and timeline controls to quickly reveal trends, spikes and anomalies. Utilize Splunk’s unique field extraction capability to find any value across any field from any data using simple mouse clicks to trace a sequence of events and to quickly find the needle in the haystack. Whether you’re investigating a security alert, responding to an operational outage, or investigating a potential data breach you’ll get to the answer in seconds to minutes rather than hours or days.

  • Monitor and Alert

    Turn searches into real-time alerts and automatically trigger notifications via email or RSS, generate a ticket at a service desk or execute containment and recovery actions. Alerts can be triggered based on a variety of thresholds, trend-based conditions and other complex searches. Gain additional information at the time of the alert to assist with faster analysis and issue resolution.

Splunk Elite Partner Canada

As an Elite partner with Splunk, we combine our deep product knowledge with decades of combined experience in IT administration and security. Our knowledge of Splunk is a point-of-difference in the marketplace.

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Reports & Dashboards

Build reports, advanced graphs and charts to understand important trends, create advanced visualizations, summarize top values and view the frequency of conditions. Create custom dashboards that can integrate multiple charts and views of your real-time data. Analyze your data further with chart overlay and pan and zoom controls. Dashboards can be personalized for anyone and allow users to access them from desktops or mobile devices

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