The World Of Connected Everything

As our networks proliferate around the world and the devices we use everyday become more and more connected, the intelligence gathered from those trillions of sensors will drive business intelligence, profits and decisions. With Splunk, rSolutions will help your organization make sense of all the chaos. Our team of elite data experts can bridge the ever widening gap of information overload and help your enterprise collect, collate and make sense of the mountainous volume of machine data collected through your device and sensor networks.

Our solution integration ingests, analyzes and visualizes real-time and historical Machine Data from any source. This includes industrial control systems and connected devices, which enables you to improve operations, ensure safety and compliance, perform preventative maintenance and better manage the life cycle of your assets. We use Splunk to collect, index and harness the power of the Machine Data generated by connected devices and machines deployed on your local network or around the world.

How rSolutions integrates into your business

Splunk Internet Of Things

Why rSolutions + Splunk for IOT and Industrial Data?

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Ensure that equipment in the field operates as intended. Monitor and track unplanned device or system downtime. Understand the cause of failure on a device to improve efficiency and availability. Identify outliers and issues in device production or deployment.

Security, Safety and Compliance

Help protect mission-critical assets and industrial systems against cybersecurity threats. Gain visibility into system performance or set points that could put machines or people at risk and satisfy compliance reporting requirements.

Preventative Maintenance and Asset Lifecycle Management

Gain real-time insight into asset deployment, utilization and resource consumption. Recognize patterns and trends and use operational data to proactively approach long-term asset management, maintenance and performance.