Unlocking The Power Of Big Data

The transformation of data generated in your enterprise into valuable insights that boost productivity, profitability and security across all platforms makes up the core of our solution areas. From Big Data to the Internet of Things and Security Analysis, our team can help your enterprise unleash the power of data transforming raw information through Splunk into operational intelligence that goes way beyond simple log management.

Splunk Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Transform machine-generated data into valuable insights that can help make your business more productive, profitable, and secure. Make sense of the largest and most complex data sets. Discover new trends and make decisions with confidence.

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Splunk Internet Of Things

Internet Of Things

The connection of devices and sensors across your global networks is what will drive the future of data analytics. From cell phones to fridges and everything in between, we are on the verge of a trillion sensor economy where the analysis of that data will be the driver behind business and security decisions.

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IT Security Analytics

Security Analytics

Understand your unique risks and Improve device monitoring for increased event detection and accelerated threat remediation. Protect you and your customer’s investment with critical threat analysis and 24/7/365 live monitoring of your data, and your organization’s future.

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Splunk IT Operations

IT Operations

Streamline planning and design, system upgrades, implementations and network management. Expedite troubleshooting and ticket handling. Increase uptime and have an expert for every system just a phone call away.

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Splunk Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Leverage your current structured data with additional data sources and receive a complete statistical and operational analysis. Gain real-time business insights to optimize your company’s processes and procedures driving profits and productivity through the power of our Splunk integrations. integrations.

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Splunk Log Management

Log Management

With the ability to consolidate and log all business data into easily decipherable insights, enhanced security and business operations, rSolutions is a wise consideration for your Log Management needs. Our Splunk expertise will transform your raw data into valuable business intelligence.

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