Data Into Operational Intelligence

Splunk is on the cutting edge of data management and analysis. From large complex data stacks, to industrialized data security, operations and log management, our team at rSolutions can implement a data solution that will revolutionize your business strategy. This is a data analysis and management powerhouse customized to your industry, your infrastructure and your objectives.

Managed Splunk

Managed Splunk

Splunk Professional Services

Splunk Professional Services

Splunk Solution Areas

Solution Areas

Experienced Business Professionals

The benefit of the rSolutions approach puts the business needs first, then seeks the proper suite of supporting technologies to back you. Our people are expertly trained in best-of-breed IT products, which consistently meet or exceed our client’s expectations. Simply, rSolutions strives for excellence, but our true point-of-difference is in our commitment to client satisfaction and on-going client care.

As an Elite partner with Splunk, we combine our deep product knowledge with decades of combined experience in IT administration and security. Our knowledge of Splunk is a point-of-difference in the marketplace.

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Splunk Technical Assessment

Our Splunk Technical Assessment service provides a client with an identification of issues related to performance and risks with their current Splunk environment, as well as knowledge transfer on how to improve your operating and administrative processes including on-boarding, operating and optimizing data volume consumption and bench-marking your Splunk instance.

Splunk Technical Help

Managed Splunk Enterprise

Elite Splunk partners gain this status because of their demonstrated ability to service their client’s Splunk needs…and go the extra mile to really show the incredible power of Splunk. rSolutions will take care of your Splunk OS and software, around the clock, everyday of the year. This managed service includes licensing, Splunk monitoring, management, upgrades, forwarder configuration, dashboards, custom reports, searches and alerts creation.

80 of the Fortune 100 use Splunk for their business, maybe its time to see what it can do for you?

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