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Splunk – A one field game changer

Rick Fink

At rSolutions we often get asked by clients and people we meet about the power of Splunk and why we’re so invested in the technology. It’s a great question for a number of reasons. In IT, and really technology in …

Got Meterpreter? PivotPowPY!

Rick Fink

My how time flies. It seems like only yesterday I was fortunate to be asked by the one one and only Mr. Ed Skoudis (thank you, thank you) to write a post for SANS PenTesting blog “Got Meterpreter? Pivot! (https://pen-testing.sans.org/blog/2012/04/26/got-meterpreter-pivot)”, …

Yeah, We Splunked a Greenhouse

Rick Fink

  At rSolutions we see Big Data Analytics insights everywhere, as a Splunk Consultant II and Splunk Architect I just can’t help seeing data in everything since I started using Splunk. In January of 2016, the heater that warms my …

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Building a Culture of Cyber Security Awareness

Rick Fink

What good is all the effort you put into bolstering your company’s IT Security posture if your end users continually pipe a new stream of ever-evolving threats directly into your environment? Sure, the robustness of your security controls gets a …

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Filling the Cyber Security Skills Gap

Rick Fink

Image Credits: Shutterstock If you do a quick Google search for ‘Cyber Security Skills Gap’, you’ll see countless articles on the gap and the enormous need for skilled workers in Cyber Security. The cyber threat landscape is continuously broadening. While …

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Cyber Security, 2017

Rick Fink

The IT Security world continues to be a bit of a scary place. It’s not as though the sky is falling, at rSolutions we’re no Chicken-littles, but with increased media attention in the past several months and expanding surface area …

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How to Prevent Ransomware in Industrial Control Systems

Richard Baker

Del Rodillas, our solution lead for SCADA & Industrial Control Systems, recently appeared in Electric Light & Power to discuss ransomware as an emerging threat for Operational Technology environments. With ransomware on everyone’s mind these days, Del shares insights from …

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Ransomware Threat in Healthcare

Richard Baker

Throughout the past decade, various institutions have fallen victim to the ransomware threat. Most situations were not publicized by the media. Institutions usually address the situation privately. If you are the victim of ransomware, attackers lock your computer or keyboard …